On the “Alt-Right” Movement


The media has had a lot of coverage on what is being called the Alt-Right movement. As far as I can tell, Alt-Right means “an alternative to being right.” Of course, that’s not their definition. Guys like Richard Spencer (founder of AlternativeRight) would say the movement is about being an alternative to the mainstream conservative Republican establishment. While it is certainly a more extreme, racist, separatist alternative to the mainstream of conservatism, it is also wrong. This is why I believe it is more accurate to say they are an alternative to being right, and an additional way to be wrong.

The Atlantic reported on a recent conference in Washington D.C. which shows Richard Spencer rallying his Neo-Nazis, and reinforcing the hatred of what he calls the “Lügenpresse,” which means “lying press” in German. This is the growing voice in the Republican Party, and it isn’t going anywhere. How are Christians going to respond to this reality? Gone are the days of pretending like the Republican Party is the moral high ground because they oppose abortion. Republicans are now known for opposing non-whites and welcoming fascism, so long as they believe in the ideology of the fascist.


The very heart of the #AlternativeToBeingRight movement is white nationalism. They believe America should stay white because white people from Europe are the ones who founded the country. They somehow believe that other ethnicities are incapable of sharing the same ideology. Perhaps it is because these people even believe that blacks are biologically less intelligent than whites. All of this is nonsense reminiscent of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, who believed that black skin was the curse of Cain (Gen 4:9-15). He also believed himself to be the third person of the tri-theistic Trinity, so such interpretations of the universe is typical of that kind of arrogance. Richard Spencer is the new Joseph Smith, proclaiming a false gospel he unknowingly received from some demon and thought it was angelic.

The true gospel is about a foreign kingdom that allows all people of all ethnicities to share citizenship. It’s about union with those who are not like us, precisely because that is what it means to truly be human. Ethnic exclusivity is less-than human; it is more comparable to fallen animals. Jesus Christ came to destroy walls and tear veils of separation and restore mankind to its human state. The Kingdom of God has no border, and Christians are supposed to show the world the essence of true reality by bringing this heavenly country to the earth by living it out now. The ethnic exclusivity of the Alt-Right movement must be unequivocally condemned, for it is a doctrine of demons that is only useful for an antichrist. Lord have mercy.

May the eyes of these blind men be opened. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen.


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