Nativity Within

A man on a mountain, prophecy is born, 
A ram in a thicket caught horn by horn.
A mother at a cross all dressed to mourn, 
A Lamb with a crown wrapped thorn by thorn.

A God clothed in flesh; Light became man. 
A Rock of offense upon which we all stand.
A plan before the foundation began, 
A plan to exchange our foundation of sand.

A choir of angels announce the coming King, 
A flock of shepherds hear the sign as they sing. 
A group of wise men with gifts they bring, 
A child is to be born, a Godly offspring.

A woman with child, contemplating the sign. 
A virgin which truly bore the true Vine. 
A devil comes and seeks to malign. 
A Serpent is crushed by the weight of bloodline.

A cave in the silence, a cave in the night. 
A baby is born; God and man unite. 
A cave in our hearts longing to be made bright. 
A darkness where God said, “Let there be Light.”

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