On the Power of Perception

Ambrose Andreano

Assuming the best in others brings out their best; Assuming the worst in others brings out their worst. The psychology of this is clear: when one is innocent but is perceived as guilty, one will be tempted to lose the desire to ‘remain’ innocent, for it is viewed as fruitless.

But when one is guilty, and is perceived to be innocent, the guilt will inspire them to change their ways and be the person they are perceived to be. Exposing your ‘perception’ of someone, to that someone, will make or break the trust of that relationship. This is the moment where one will be inspired or wounded by perception.

Therefore, it is better to think the best of others and be wrong, than to think the worst of others and be right.

On the Wolf and the Lamb
And who is the lamb and the fatling except He who was slain? And who is the kid except He whose garments are dipped in blood? And who is the little child except all they who are children in malice, because Christ has been formed in them?
Ambrose Andreano
On the Nature of Hell
We know that hell exists, but its nature is far less clear.
Ambrose Andreano
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In everything St. Anthony said, there is one thing he emphasizes over and over: despise the demons, and do not fear them.
Ambrose Andreano

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