American Politics: The Death of the Moderate

The United States is such a peculiar animal, if one could even call it an animal. Perhaps a chimera would be a more accurate: fusing the heartless insensitivity of a bald eagle with the deranged cannibalism of a turkey. The former mirrors our foreign policy, and the latter depicts our domestic relationship with one another. Perhaps this would have been a more appropriate national bird to truly reflect the people it represents.

It has become incredibly difficult to be a moderate in such a polarizing country. Any clarification or nuance on any issue is immediately interpreted to be propaganda from the other side. If one identifies as a Progressive, any argument against abortion is seen as having its origin from Fox News. If one identifies as Conservative, any argument against the violence toward “black lives” (or against rich bankers and businessmen) is immediately seen as Progressive/Liberal. Have compassion on other people? Perhaps you have control over your tongue? Uh oh, you must be a ‘snowflake,’ because you are simply not willing to treat others like trash for the sake of what you think is true.

If this was a gang war against the ‘Red gang’ and the ‘Blue gang,’ the people in the middle are not seen as wearing ‘purple’–They are seen as wearing both red and blue, so they are simply shot by both gangs. To make matters worse, there are other clans with different shades of red and blue who are the rejects of the Red and Blue gangs. There is the Alex Jones “Alien Life Extension Technology” cartoon squad, and the Libertarian “I don’t need nothin from nobody” squad.

Being moderate or independent essentially means you are politically homeless. Being moderate has become a death wish, as it is to be counted among the remnant still in control of their mental faculties, standing alone, weaponless, among hordes of wroth imbeciles violently shaking their pitchforks. Evil is then understood to be whatever is outside the mob.

“Out with the old, in with the new”

Information in the Progressive circle is no longer received on the basis of whether or not it is true, but whether or not it is consistent with the new. The academic journals that are pushed into the public spotlight are only the ones consistent with the Progressive agenda. If it is with regards to ‘gender studies,’ then all conclusions aligned with the status quo are pushed aside in favor of the ones that tickle the ear and tell us what we want to hear. The definition of ‘falsehood’ becomes synonymous with the ‘status quo.’ This “tea party of the left” (as Dave Rubin calls it) is known as the regressive left. Outwardly, many of them appear to be intellectuals, but inwardly they aggressively wave torches.

However, even saying this in public would no doubt cause people to assume I am a Conservative Republican, or at the very least, an Establishment Democrat, which is my point. I am neither of those things. I am also not a Libertarian, and most definitely not ‘Alt-right.’

Lest people jump to conclusions, I must say that I don’t merely have issues with Progressives. I might have even more issues with Conservatives, who are often hypocritical, associate their dumb politics with my transcendent God, and are increasingly being recruited into the ‘Alt-right militia’ to prepare for some revolution.

“The Devil is a Democrat”

This quote was an actual sign that was being held in public. “The Devil is a Democrat.” Why does someone hold a sign like this, you ask? Because once you (1) trip over the Republican support for murdering foreign leaders for the sake of regime change, and you (2) crawl over the Republican support for corporate corruption through ‘trickle-down’ economics (which is when a rich person urinates on his slaves from his lofty balcony), and with your remaining strength you (3) yet crawl over the racist Republican prison system and drug war, one eventually sees, off in the distance, some Democrats supporting abortion. Thus, the hypocritical Republican condemns the Democrat with one finger, and himself with three.

I don’t really know why I feel the need to write this. I guess I’m just tired of the mindlessness in political discourse. The empty-headed rioting between the political factions is beginning to bore me. The social assumptions that “everyone in the room agrees with my ignorant statement” is tiresome. No, I don’t think the devil is a democrat because of abortion, and no, I don’t think Michelle Obama is built like a monkey. No, I don’t think being against abortion is contrary to women’s rights, and no, I don’t think Libertarian anarchy is the answer.

A moderate independent thinker is a casualty in a senseless gang war over colors. I pray that the red seeds of such martyrdom will cause the yellow fields of American discourse to one day bloom with nuance.

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