Patron Saint of Wannabes

"Philosophize about the world or worlds; about matter; about soul; about natures endowed with reason, good or bad; about resurrection, about judgment, about reward, or the Sufferings of Christ. For in these subjects to hit the mark is not useless, and to miss it is not dangerous."

-St. Gregory the Theologian

Examine the writings of the Church Fathers and hear commentary on the content. This podcast is for those who are interested in learning about what the fathers taught, but do not have the time or perseverance to read intimidating walls of text.
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My name is Garry (Ambrose) Andreano. I’m an Orthodox Christian who likes to write out my thoughts and speculations, because it helps me think. For those who care, my MBTI is INTJ, and I’m a 5w4 on the Enneagram. I mainly write about theology, but my interests are numerous. I'm dyslexic, I think like a philosopher, and I play piano by ear. I also enjoy photography, image editing, gaming, anime, design, and pretty much anything artsy. I also have a wife, a daughter, and a son. I'm currently a full-time dad and a part-time vigilante. I live in PA and enjoy the great indoors.

I named this blog Ambrosiaster because that is a name given to an unknown author of works formerly attributed to Ambrose of Milan. Or as I like to think of it, there is someone trying to pretend that he is Ambrose of Milan.  

A wannabe, so to speak.