On Male Violence

Another male was recently in the news for going on a killing spree (with his father’s gun, it should be noted). However, the most noteworthy detail is the reasons some have listed for why this young man decided to murder people. One such reason is “spurned advances.” That is, because a 16-year old girl rejected the aggressive advances of an obviously unstable boy, she unknowingly caused multiple deaths. This is a very dangerous perspective, because it indirectly blames the girl for the wickedness of the boy, and it would cause girls to feel like they cannot exercise any freedom of will without causing absurd and violent responses to rejection. Male violence is a problem, and we need to address the problem directly: both the practical problem and the theological problem of poor control over testosterone.

As a father to both a girl and a boy, I have a duty to raise my children with the understanding that God is watching them, and therefore they must respect the free will of others, and to actively reject the evil inclinations to coerce. My son must grow up being taught how to see rejection as an opportunity for changing directions to find something better, rather than a temporary roadblock to step over, or police tape to cut through. He must be taught that no means no, and that manipulation is out of the question.

However, I wanted to touch on the topic of why physical acts of violence happens to be a distinctly male phenomenon. But before this, I needed to rebuke the heretical ontology found in articles like this, which assert that “men were made for violence.” This nonsense glorifies a fallen state of nonbeing and sets it up as an ideal rather than acknowledging it as the disease it is. The masculine energy of testosterone is an active agent divinely intended for the active penetration of darkness with illumination, creativity and life, and most importantly: unrelenting love. I believe this was the original intent for why God instilled testosterone as the majority energy in males, and that this divine vision was meant to be complementary to that of estrogen. However, the cosmological role of this masculine energy becomes inverted by the darkness of sin. Testosterone is an unwavering forwardness, but instead of the unwavering pursuit of radical selfless love, sin made the male follow the unwavering pursuit of its destructive inversion: radical selfish pride. This is why mass shooters are generally always male. And when it happens to be a female, it is always the fallen relationship to testosterone that is to blame. This is also the problem with police brutality. When there is no ontological balance within the human person, the energies that move within us become unruly, then implosive, and then explosive.

This is why we need to seek Christ in prayer and charity to help us tame the passions. Following His commandments to love one another exercises our being and gets us into the habitual practice of channeling our energies towards loving one another. The more we meditate on how we can help each other, the less we think of ourselves, and the greater internal balance we obtain. Without Him as our grace for the present and vision for the future, we cannot but fail. Lord have mercy on us, forgive us, and save us.

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