Not All Things Within A Cage

I was inspired to write a poem when I was in a warehouse one day. I saw that there was a section of the warehouse that had a cage with expensive computers within it. This got me thinking about the nature of cages and why they exist. I began to contemplate how cages contain something valuable, something worthy of our love. And yet, despite this, there is one exception. There is one thing that is tragically caged without being valued: the black man. The sadness of such injustice provoked the creation of this poem.
What is a cage?
What is contained therein?
“It’s always something of value.”
I say, touching my chin.

We cage our dogs when left alone,
We cage our birds too.
For their protection in our homes,
Our beloved zoo.

Electronics caged at the store,
The value much too high.
Designed for care; love and stare.
Designed to catch our eye.

Not all things within a cage-
Are valued endlessly.
There is something despised of all-
Never to be made free.

One so wretched, so depraved,
We must avert our eyes!
Black man so wretched, so depraved,
We curse and hope he dies.


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