Internet Group-Think

I feel sorry for the poor wench who decides to post on the internet. Nuance and reason are satanic incantations in the ears of the insecure egotistical cynic. There is no such thing as a valid opposing belief system on the internet, for there is only gospel and heresy. I feel sorry for that poor wench, because her naiveté does not allow her see how quickly the internet will burn a witch without a fair trial. Every word she uses to free herself becomes another rope around her wrists. She’s not allowed to defend herself, such notions are arrogant. She must accept all false accusations simply because she was accused, not because they are true.
Behold, the wroth chant of the cyber mob:

“If you’re complex, you’re next.”

The internet is filled with people who force themselves to see the worst in every post. They refuse to acknowledge a fragment of truth in anything not created by them. To borrow the unofficial Reddit tagline that I just made up (I see it as a microcosm of the internet): “Every post is a shitpost worthy of a down-vote.” If someone feels good about themselves for a second or offers something not inflammatory, the internet will bring a foretaste of hell upon them (so they can watch something burn).
In a dark imploding netherworld like the internet, we must let our light shine no matter how tempted we are to get sucked into the abyss. We ought to encourage people where there is discouragement, and offer joy where there is only anger.
This will hopefully divest the mob, put out the fire, and get the girl off the stake.

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